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The Care Act 2014

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The Care Act 2014 replaces over 30 existing areas of legislation. Since it became live in April 2015 it has introduced new statutory duties in relation to adult social care and set out new rights for carers.  
An individual’s wellbeing is central to the Act, which outlines how assessments for both adults in need and their carers should be carried out; how adults’ needs and their carers’ needs should be considered in relation to their wellbeing; and new obligations for local authorities in relation to adult safeguarding, advocacy and transition.

What might it mean for your projects, and the people they help?

Mosaic can tailor courses for you based on the following modules.

1. Overview of the Care Act
Aim: Increase awareness of the overall context and aims of the Care Act

  • Overview of context of the Care Act
  • Understanding of key principles driving the Care Act
  • What the Care Act is replacing in legal terms
  • Details on principal changes & legal duties

2. Care and Support: needs assessment and support planning
Aim: improve knowledge and understanding of Care Act needs assessment & support planning

  • Principles and context in relation to needs assessment and support planning
  • Understanding of key changes in relation to assessment and eligibility
  • What to consider in relation to your practice
  • Using a strengths-based approach   
  • Changes in support planning

3. Information and advice
Aim: improve understanding of how changes to information & advice requirements link to practice

  • Care Act requirements in relation to information & advice
  • How new requirements relate to Care Act principles
  • How Care Act information & advice changes affect practice
  • Sharing information & advice – what works?

4. Safeguarding Adults
Aim: increase awareness of changes to legal requirements and impact on practice in relation to adult safeguarding

  • How the Care Act changes safeguarding for adults
  • Principles and context in relation to safeguarding
  • Consider changes in practice

5. Changes for Carers
Aim: improve understanding of Care Act changes in relation to carers and how they apply to practice

  • Context & principles in relation to carers
  • New rights for carers
  • Links between Care Act and Children & Families Act
  • What to consider in a carer’s assessment

6. Providing advocacy support
Aim: increase awareness of the role of advocacy and when it is required under the Care Act

  • Key Care Act changes in relation to advocacy
  • When advocacy is appropriate
  • Principles to consider in advocacy services
  • Information & advice in relation to advocacy


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