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Welfare Benefits Awareness for Social Care Staff

Courses can be formed from these main subject areas:


Britain’s benefits system is complex, and subject to seemingly constant change. Millions of pounds go unclaimed each year, at least in part because of difficulties that clients (and staff) have in making sense of the system.

We offer a range of courses that can be precisely tailored to your needs and those of your client groups. Whether you need an overview of the structure of how different benefits relate to and affect one another,
in-depth knowledge of a particular benefit or group of benefits, or how the Tax Credit system works, we can custom-make you a course to suit.

Welfare Benefits: Overview & Update
The range of benefits, the links between them, maximising entitlement

Universal Credit
The rules for Universal Credit, what is different from the current benefit system and the rational for changing it


Mosaic. Training for Social Care Professionals.

I will be confident in delivering benefits advice and helping to maximise tenant income. I found it very beneficial and the trainer was excellent. A brilliant trainer, information given in a clear, informative way.