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Training for Staff Who Support Clients with Learning Disabilities


Whether you work with learning disabilities as a specialism, or need to improve your knowledge and skills in a more generic role, our courses can help.

Our Learning Disabilities Awareness course gives a solid grounding in the range of special needs that can be covered by the term 'learning disability' and highlights how people can best be supported.

It is increasingly common for people to be identified as being on the Autistic Spectrum, and equally common, sadly, for people to reach adulthood before their Dyslexia is detected. Our courses on these subjects look at sharpening awareness and providing focused help.

An understanding of how legislation impacts on those with learning disabilities can be crucial, especially the Mental Capacity Act and DOLS. Accessing appropriate Advocacy has never been at a higher premium.

Learning Disabilities Awareness
Building knowledge and confidence in providing support

Autism & Asperger's Syndrome
Greater awareness of the autism spectrum and, in particular, Asperger’s Syndrome

Dyslexia Awareness
How the non-specialist can support clients with dyslexia

Mental Capacity Act 2005
Key information on the consequences of this legislation