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Client Intervention Training – Achieving the Best Outcomes

Courses can be formed from these main subject areas:

Working with Gang Culture



Working with Gang Culture

Mosaic is delighted to announce this new course, offered in partnership with the award-winning SOS Project at St Giles Trust.

The SOS Project works with young offenders across London. It has helped close to 1,000 young people to date to turn their lives around. The project has also trained police, teachers, probation officers and prison staff on working with young people involved in gang activity and more.

Trainers on the course will be former gang members working with the SOS Project. They will speak from experience, but also be able to relate findings from research and academic studies. No glamourising, no nonsense, just a solid practical focus on what is known to work!

Usual course length: 1-2 days

Courses can be tailor-made from the following elements:

  • The structures of gangs and organised criminal networks
  • Why and how people get involved in gangs, and initiation rites
  • The exploitation of girls, and the experience of female gang members
  • Warning signs that young people are becoming involved with gangs
  • Making interventions and examining the appropriateness of participants’ policies and procedures
  • Strategies for helping people exit gangs
  • Accessing specialist support and resources