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Modern Slavery Awareness

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Modern Slavery is the exploitation of humans for personal or commercial gain. It includes slavery, servitude, forced labour, criminal exploitation and human trafficking. At any one time there are thousands of children and adults enslaved in the UK. But, despite the devastating impact it can have on individuals and communities it remains a complex crime that can largely go unnoticed in our society. 

This course is designed to raise awareness and improve knowledge on how to identify, report and support potential victims.  It is beneficial for anyone that may come into contact with any aspect of modern slavery - frontline professionals, management and those responsible for influencing policy within their organisation.  

The course will cover:

  • Definitions and understanding of what Modern Slavery is in the UK and globally  
  • Examination of the main types of Modern Slavery prevalent in the UK today and how they are categorised and reported on in the National Referral Mechanism 
  • How to identify victims and understand the challenges of disclosure 
  • Reflection and learning on how your sector and you can improve on identification, reporting and support to victims of Modern Slavery 


This is a live online (Zoom) course delivered over 2 sessions, with interim tasks to be completed between sessions, to consolidate learning.


Session 1: 28 September 2021 10am to 1pm (with breaks)

Session 2: 29 September 2021 10am to 1pm (with breaks)


Cost: £69.95 plus VAT

Trainer: Jeanne-Marie Lee

Dates: 28/09/2021 to 29/09/2021

Venue: Online Course