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Domestic Abuse: Coercive Control Masterclasses - OP Special Event Online

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This has always been an issue of crucial importance. The experience of lockdown has underlined still further the need to understand, and be able to offer appropriate support to, those living in situations of coervice control.

Clare Walker Consultancy

This course is delivered in partnership with Clare Walker Consultancy. (Clare will be premiering the course online  for representatives of the Community, Government, Police & Justice sectors  Sydney, Australia- she really is that international!)

It comprises 3 sessions, linked by work in between to consolidateunderstanding and confidence.

It will be appropriate for those who have a good existing knowlwedge of the subject, but also those feel they currently have little knowledge.

Session 1 - Understanding Domestic Abuse

This session of the course will cover:

  • The prevalence of the whole spectrum of domestic abuse: history, facts and figures
  • Inside the mind of a perpetrator: Motivation Of Intention 
  • Inside the mind of a victim: neurological / physiological response 
  • Reinforcements:cultural norms, the media, the legal system

Session 2- Coercive Control

This is the most overlooked & misunderstood aspect of abuse, yet without its presence all other aspects of abuse could not occur.

This session of the course will cover:

  • What Defines Coercive Control
  • How To Identify Coercive Control
  • Impacts Of Legislation 
  • Impacts Of Practices

Session 3 - Active Application Of Theory To Practice

This session of the course will bring together the knowledge learnt during the previous 2 sessions. Pre course reading will be required for this session to maximise group work, presentations and discussion, with the use of a case study.

This session of the course will cover:

  • Identifying coercive control behaviours and their impacts and interpretations
  • Coercive control in the context of legislation (and how to demonstrate it without specific legislation
  • Understanding what needs to change, and how your agency can offer the best help


Live online (Zoom) event: 1 course comprising 3 sessions.

Session 1:  27 August 2020, 10am-1pm (with breaks)

Session 2: 3 September 2020, 10am-1pm (with breaks)

Session 3: 10 September 2020, 10am-1pm (with breaks)


Cost: £129.95 plus VAT

Trainer: Clare Walker

Dates: 27/08/2020 to 10/09/2020

Venue: Online Course