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Our Consultancy Services

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Meeting New Challenges

  • Does your organisation need support to decide how it is going to adapt its work in light of the policy and strategic context?
  • Does your organisation need to consider the evidence base for its work?
  • Is your organisation considering how to use the data it produces to develop its own work, or to contribute to the wider evidence base?

The health and social care strategic, policy and research context is fast moving.

Organisations can find it difficult to remain abreast of policy and research information and to utilise this information in the day-to-day activities. This can include:

  • Considering how policy and research information can be used to develop services and practice
  • Not having an evidence-based approach to practice
  • How to use research and data as part of clinical governance processes
  • Using the organisation’s own data to develop practice
  • Conducting research with service users

An organisation may want to consider how to use policy and research information to develop its services and practice. It may also want to develop a clinical governance system and consider how to develop its own research activities. Mosaic can offer consultancy that will help organisations to:

  • Identify appropriate information sources
  • Consider how to approach integrating the evidence base into their work
  • Developing or adapting clinical governance activities
  • Exploring the implications of conducting research with service users, including ethical considerations

Mosaic can also offer staff training which will focus on developing staff understanding of how to interrogate policy and evidence and understand how it effects their day-to-day work. Content can also consider the staff member’s role in clinical governance and how staff can read and use research in their work.

To discuss your consultancy requirements, please contact us.

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Cranstoun Drug Services have now been a customer of Mosaic for ten years, purchasing training, developing new interventions and on a consultancy level.